Broadly, my research interests lie in the intersection of discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, and game theory. Recently my work has focused on understanding the computational complexity of the stable marriage problem and its variants. I am particularly interested in distributed and approximate versions of the stable marriage problem. Here are links to my Google Scholar profile and DBLP page.

Recent Papers

  • Space-Time Tradeoffs for Distributed Verification (with Mor Baruch and Rafail Ostrovsky). Full version of paper to be presented as a brief announcement at the ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC), 2016. (arXiv)
  • Fast Distributed Almost Stable Matchings (with Rafail Ostrovsky). ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computed (PODC), 2015. (arXiv)
  • A Stable Marriage Requires Communication (with Yannai Gonczarowski, Noam Nisan, and Rafail Ostrovsky). ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA), 2015. (arXiv)
  • It’s Not Easy Being Three: The Approximability of Three-Dimensional Stable Matching Problems (with Rafail Ostrovsky). International Workshop on Matching Under Preferences (MATCH-UP), 2015. (arXiv)

Recent Talks

  • Stable Matchings with Bounded Preferences, Joint Math Meetings 2016, Seattle, WA. (slides)
  • The Stable Marriage Problem, Los Angeles Math Circle (High School II), 2016. (handout 1, handout 2)
  • Fast Distributed Almost Stable Matchings, PODC 2015, San Sebastien, Spain. (slides)
  • It’s Not Easy Being Three: The Approximability of Three-Dimensional Stable Matching Problems MATCH-UP 2015, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. (slides)
  • Fault Tolerance in Networks of Bounded Degree. Computer Science Seminar (Cryptographic Protocols), UCLA, Winter 2015. (notes)
  • A Stable Marriage Requires Communication. Mathematics Department Colloquium, Reed College, Spring 2015.
  • Introduction to Communication Complexity. Participating Logic Seminar, UCLA, Spring 2014. (notes)
  • The Communication Complexity of Finding a Stable Marriage Advancement to Candidacy Talk, UCLA, March, 2014. (slides)
  • Estimating the Second Frequency Moment. Participating Probability Seminar, UCLA, Fall 2012. (notes)
  • Azuma’s Inequality and Concentration of Measure. Participating Probability Seminar, UCLA, Spring 2012. (notes)
  • Sumsets and Rusza Calculus. Participating Combinatorics Seminar, UCLA, Fall 2011. (notes)

Older Stuff

  • Analysis on Circles: A Modern View of Fourier Series. Undergraduate thesis, Reed College, Spring 2009. (pdf)
  • Anisotropic Coarsening in the Dilute Limit. (with Melinda Gildner and Ben Vollmayr-Lee) American Physical Society March Meeting, 2009. (slides coming soon)
  • Anisotropic Coarsening: 2 Models in 3 Dimensions. Bucknell University/Reed College, August/September 2008. (slides coming soon)