Math 32A Final Review Problems

I have just finished putting together some problems for the final review for Math 32A, which are available here. I have included answers to the problems. I haven’t gotten a chance to double check my work on the solutions, so let me know in the comments below if you disagree with any of the answers. I will go over the solutions this evening again and update the answers if I find any problems.

  • Jessica Svoboda

    For problem 5(c), should the -8t/3 under the radical be -8t ?
    For the derivative of y(t), I got 3-4t/3 which I then squared to get 9-8t+(16/9)t^2 .
    Likewise with part (d), I got 4/3(10-8t+16t^2 /9)^-3/2 , for the same reason.

    • will

      Ah, I think you’re right — thanks for spotting those!