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Computer Musings by Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth’s diverse achievements lend him demigod status in many circles. His series The Art of Computer Programming is admired by theoretical computer scientists, programmers, and hackers alike for its panoramic yet detailed treatment of algorithms. His academic research record is impressive. His TeX typesetting system forms the core of what is likely the most widely used technical typesetting software in the world. Given Knuth’s penchant for the aesthetics of typesetting, his website is perhaps not what one would expect–maybe he has strong sense of irony.

Every year Donald Knuth gives a special seminar on whatever topic he finds interesting. You can view these computer musings and other lecture series here.


Point Mugu II

Last month, the Springs fire ravaged Point Mugu State Park. Peter and I had such a good time hiking there before, we thought we’d return this weekend to survey the damage now that the park has reopened. The destruction was impressive.

Peter and I entered the park from the south side along PCH and took the La Jolla Canyon trail to the Mugu Peak trail, which took us (unsurprisingly) to Mugu Peak. See a similar–though not identical–route written up at Modern Hiker. The hike itself was very pleasant with a good variety of canyons, rolling hills and mountain face ascents. The change in scenery compared to our previous visit was astonishing — it felt like an alien landscape. The satellite array on a neighboring hill only enhanced the Martian quality of the barren topography.


  • Mugu Burnt Trees I
  • Mugu Burnt Trees II
  • Mugu Burnt Trees III
  • The Barren Trail
  • Barren Landscape
  • Mugu Lagoon (and AFB)
  • Burnt Oaks
  • Life Returning

Math 131A Review Questions

I have compiled a few final review questions for real analysis this quarter. They are available at

Solutions are now posted as well. As usual, let me know in the comments below if you notice any errors or if anything is unclear.


Math 32A Review Materials

I have finished compiling some review materials for Math 32A this quarter. The materials include:

As usual, let me know in the comments below if you notice any errors or if anything is unclear.